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Maybe Alex & JP can do a short intro that we record Video (i.e. Welcome to AlexCollier.net look at features, benefits, sign up for the newsletter, be sure to check out our social media channels, etc.)

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About (Need photos)

Free Videos (previous presentations, radio shows, etc. All up at AlexCollier Official YouTube) + add the new presentation not seen before. (Download, edit, and upload to AC official YouTube)

Forum – Sections [Andromedans, Recommended Reading, Hidden Science & Advanced Technology, Astrology Numerology & Tarot, The Paranormal & Mysteries, Ancient & Forbidden Knowledge, The Universe UFOs & IFOs, Reptilians & ET Races, Aliens, Earth Changes, , Consciousness Meditation & Spirituality, General Chat, New Members Forum (new members can ask questions, etc.), Space Oddities?, etc. Contacts & Experiences Discussions.

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Defending Sacred Ground -> Reformat & New Cover (Subscribe to download)

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Promote NBI, website development – etc. Help with webinars, VOD, etc.


Mobile App – iOS, Android, Amazon & Blackberry? iTunes & Google Play setup.

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  • Lesley Anderson

    It feels suspiciously like Spring but it is really Winter. Just like it feels like the hordes of Genghis Khan are coming down over the mountains and actually things are turning out rather well for me much to my amusement and surprise. Hang in there everybody and enjoy what suits you.

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